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Selling real estate can be an emotionally charged process 

Whether it is a home that has been in the family for generations, a home left to siblings, or an investment property - whatever your particular situation is, rest assured we are sensitive to each and every situation and work in collaboration with all parties to ensure a seamless transaction.
It is our firm belief and commitment to have open dialogue right from the start with complete candor. We understand that most sellers have an emotional connection with their property. Our job is to convey that emotion into a measurable value that appeals to potential buyers.

Our years of experience have proven time and again that working in partnership with sellers ultimately yields a better overall experience and higher selling price when a client takes our feedback early on in the process. 

Our unique and innovative approach to real estate has proven very successful. We are hardworking, dedicated and enjoy what we do as real estate practitioners.  



What our clients have to say

Ben and Eileen

5. They are friendly, open, optimistic and smart. Getting a deal and then getting it over the finish line is part about the property, but not 100%. How the sellers’ agents work with prospective buyers and their agents can make the difference between getting an offer or not, and then after that, having a smooth and amicable path to closing or not. Wow, this is another place that Tony and Sharon shine.

4. They follow the Simple is Better mantra. Tony and Sharon simplified the text for the ads, simplified the staging – both great moves. Simple is better, especially when executed by smart agents.

3. They stage with the in-person prospective buyer in mind. This is a subtle point but essential as we learned with this house. Our house was already staged. Tony and Sharon revised the staging around our biggest asset – the fabulous view – and with the prospective buyers being there in person, during the day. Staging that might look great in a photo shoot, or on a winter’s night is good, but staging that looks great when a prospective buyer comes in and thinks about how they might use the house on a beautiful summer’s day, is better. Tony and Sharon got that, and made the property shine.

1. They listen. Sellers aren’t always correct about how to sell a place, but often – or at least sometimes – we sellers understand things about our properties that will be important to prospective buyers. Tony and Sharon listen thoughtfully and well.

2. They talk straight. If the price isn’t right, if something has to be fixed, we don’t want our agents talking sideways at us, or hinting, or making snide remarks – all of which we’ve experienced in other situations. We want our agents to give it to us straight, with clear rationales for their recommendations, and data where warranted. Tony and Sharon are polite, direct, honest, and smart. Just what we wanted.

So yeah, we love the Guthrie – Mabile team, and recommend them without reservation.


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