is our priority

“We are very grateful to Tony and Sharon for their ongoing support of the Chatham Children’s Fund and the Chatham Angel Fund. They exemplify the spirit of our community!”


—Pat Vreeland, Coordinator, Chatham Children’s Fund”

“The need for help for families within the community continues to grow, and through the support of Team Guthrie Mabile, the CEC’s plan to host a benefit concert came to fruition. Through their generosity, many of the costs were underwritten and the show went on as we had hoped. Thank you for helping to make a difference.”

— Amy F. Tagliaferri, The Cape Cod Chronicle”

Our greatest responsibility and honor is to give back to our wonderful communities. The countless hard-working, dedicated people that serve these charitable organizations are heroes, and we appreciate their endless efforts to help others.

Preferred Vendors

Whether you are in the process of selling your home or buying a new home, we have a dedicated team of professionals, from handymen to painters and everything in between we have the right person for the job.  Our team can get work done timely and within your budget. 



Calling Cape Cod your Home

One of the most rewarding factors of owning a home on Cape Cod is the opportunity to be here, or visit this amazing vacation destination, year-round. Yes, with the world-class beaches, boating, and endless water sports the Cape is known primarily for being a place to spend your summer. But with strong local communities, extensive arts programs, bountiful outdoor activities, and the evaporation of traffic jams, Cape Cod is great for year-round living and visiting.


Imagine sitting on a busy beach. The fun, the noise, the activity, the chaos. Then one by one, everyone around you is gone. And that beach with its endless views and soft sands is yours. You never really appreciate the quiet beauty of the ocean until it’s a crisp, calm and quiet morning in the off-season, and it’s just you at one with nature. The best beach walks are always during these quieter months. 


For dog lovers, the real bonus is that you can actually bring your dog with you for that beach walk in most of the cooler months.


And once the tourists have gone away, you begin to realize what a great community remains. From artist colonies on the Outer Cape to scientific communities populating the Upper Cape, and all the philanthropy, events, activities, shops, and local dining in between, it’s no wonder more and more people find the time to call this home.


We now see more and more of our summer homeowners coming into town for major holidays, as the summer home usually has a nice big gathering spot, and enough beds for the extended family. Lifelong memories and traditions are built on Cape Cod, and they’re built year-round. Let yours begin now.


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